"Don't Be A Coward"
                As you guys have seen, the economy is rediculously struggling and because of it, a lot of people are STRRRRRRRRRREEEEESSSINGGGGGGGG!!!! Stress is one of the most popular cause of death, whether through medical complications to striaght suicidal actions. So...... what I'm trying to say is that Life is already hard as it is, why make it harder? Let things go and move on, quit trying to force drama and stress upon yourself and others! I lost my agent this past week, she was 59 and she was such a beautiful person who spent her life encouraging and motivating people. Point is, death is not discriminative and nor is it picky, so don't spend your days hating and wasting time on situations you don't have control of and just love life and yourself enough to let things go and focus on you and your family. Quit playing childish games no matter how old you are and Man or Woman up enough to accept your faults, your losts and your wins and move on. Don't be a coward for the rest of your life, God gave you a mouth so speak and stand your grounds and use your mouthpiece as a blessing and not as a weapon so that when you die, you can go to heaven knowing that you have lived the life that you chose to live and had no regrets!!!

~ RIP Ivett~

Peace and Blessing ~ Linda

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