God's Grace

Ok, so I know I haven't been here in a lonnng while..I'm sorry! I do have sooo much to say and I will do a better job to keep you guys going! lol... As usual, I continue to ask God to bless me so I can continue to bless others thru my heart, mind, soul, spirit, financially and/ or emotionally. Over the years, I've learned that life is actually simple, it's people's greed, selfishness and egos that get in the way.  I live on this earth as God's Assistant and whatever He says, GOES!  I've learned to be okay with not being everyone's friend and that it's ok...I've also learned that although you're nice to them, it doesn't guarantee niceness in return..and most of all..IT'S OK!  Do right by God and the rest will follow... I am simply here to please him and if ever anyone thinks that's phony, I am not the one to judge,care or condemn.  People will be people, you can't control anyone, but you can ALWAYS control your actions and re-actions.  I've learned that hurt and pains are some God's most valueable lessons and if we don't learn from our past, we shouldn't complain about our current.  Well, there is always more where this came from!!! lol!! Stay tuned and feel free to email me if ever you need an ear..Dear Abby is on break..Dear Linda is in..lol
Thank you guys and enjoy your blessings..