Do you have friends or associates?
What is your definition of a good friend?
Are you a good friend?

Friendships are so important in life!  True friendships are relationships that are filled with unconditional love and loyalty, respect and value for one another.  In my opinion, a friend can tell you something that you need to hear, not what you want to hear, yet still respects and love you.
To be a good friend, you have to know how to listen and encourage, motivate and understand, be dependable and reliable and most of all, you have to find the positive in all the negative situations.
Friends give, as well as receive, but not give to receive.  A true friend, knows your biggest problem and will do whatever they need to do to fix it without any hesitations, nor expectations.
Don't do things for appreciation or attention because that is not an honest motive.  Do for other because you want to, not because it makes you look good!
You need to be SINCERE, TRUE and REAL!!
~ Linda Ngo
(*Again, this is only my opinion)

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