"Just NGO It!" is a Creative & Innovative PR/ Marketing/ Branding and Consultant Firm.   We have experience in many different areas such as: the world of Fashion, Entertainment, Sports, Restaurants, Corporate America and even Non- Profts.  We strive on the daily challenges of overcoming obstacles no matter which business or kind of business we are dealt with.  We focus on privacy of our clients and insure their well beings.  "Just Ngo IT!" guarantees a positive work relationship with each of their clients and looks forward to creating more then just a professional business relationship, but creating lasting friendships as well!

Business Consultant
We specialize in enhancing your current thoughts, visions and business.  We'll ask you questions to make sure you are in the right business and can help determine your level of passion and preparation for what you are about to enter.  We will also align you with some of our partners to help you with all the leg work you'll need in order to set up your corporation, business plan and/ or help you finish what you started.  We are a resourceful company with beautiful relationships throughout the business realm and can help you find what you are looking for!

We are here to help you explore the "outside of the box" thinking to allow you and your company to stand above your competitors.  We are here to help you sort your chaos and expand your horizon!  We don't believe in "cookie cutter" marketing, which means we are completely hands on and focus on your customized needs.  We are as versatile as versatile gets!

Coming out with your own Brand? Or do you need help producing your Brand? Do you question yourself and wonder if your Brand fits your product or services?  What about your logo...does it represent what your company is about?  We can definitely help you understand the concept of Branding.  If you have your Brand, we can assist you with a campaign for it.  If you already have an idea, we can help you enhance them and see it through to the end.  We have graphic artists who can help you with the most simplest of simple or techiest of techs...Just give us your concept and we can help you brainstorm the rest, and we won't stop until you LOVE IT! 

PR in our world is either Press Release for something GREAT or a Press Release for "Damage Control."  We can help you get out of a sticky situation or at least bring some of the negative pressure down a few notches...  With our relationships that we have built throughout the years, we can help you resolve any identified problems, or maybe even help identify the problem if you can't.  We also have "preventive plans" to help you stay in the "Positive Light" verses the "Negative whirlwind.."