Shareka B.

To Whom It May Concern:

          My name is Shareka Bankston and I’ve known Linda Ngo for a couple of months, but I
feel that I have been knowing her for a long time. When I joined the modeling group, it was a new
experience for me. I didn’t know very much in the modeling industry, but when I would go to class
Linda made me feel comfortable and helped my confidence level grow stronger, as well as my
confidence in my walk. As I grow being a new model, Linda has been there to answer my questions
and to make me feel good about the person that I am. I am now a believer that I can do anything,
when before, I would doubt myself and my abilities. In closing, I have grown as a young woman and have
realized that I can be an example for other people who didn’t think they could become a model.


Shareka B
(Dallas, TX)

Tiffany W.

             Linda Ngo was my instructor/ mentor. From her teaching, I was able to gain confidence and learned to control and deal with any situation I may encounter. I was able to learn how to possess strong communication skills. She taught me the true meaning of a “diva,” humble, loyal and confidence! The class is based on being a lady first with aspects of being a model also. Through it all, Linda changed my perspective on how I saw certain things that went on in my personal life. I didn’t know that I had the potential to pursue my dream of modeling until I met Linda. She has guided me through the journey and helped me get though all the down talk. As I worked through it, I was able to keep my head up, be diligent and never going to give up. I am now a strong individual that can stay grounded. But I must say, the best thing that I have learned from Linda is, “The Best Model is a Role Model!” My mission is in progress.

~ Tiffany W.
(Lancaster, TX)