Cammie G.

          Linda you have helped me in so many different ways. You have shown me from experience, to not let the fact that I have a kid stop me from what I want to do. You have become not only a mentor, but also a friend, you are there when I need to talk and you've opened your house to me and I apreciate that in so many ways. You are giving me so many opportunities and I am grateful for that too.

~ Cammie G.
(Arlington, TX)

Lashay F.

          Linda Ngo is a mentor, role model and a friend.  She has taught me many things about modeling and the industry.  She has also given me the interest in wanting to cook more often.  Her cooking is delicious!  Linda is a woman of excellence, intellect, confidence, a woman who doesn't let life be a reason to hold her back or slow her down.  She is a great teacher, giving young women the confidence, self-esteem and drive to be a better young lady and carry it forward into being a great woman.  I am very proud and honored to be taught, mentored and have a friendship with someone I can look up to like Linda Ngo.

~ Lashay F.
(Duncanville, TX)

Lana H.

          Linda Ngo and Ngo Limit Productions have brought so much to my life. With Ngo Limit, my daughter Brittany has not only learned about modeling, but confidence, charm, etiquette, communication skills, but most importantly, how to be a lady and carry herself with style and class. These are all things that will help mold her into a respectful and respectable woman. Linda is not only the instructor, but a friend to each and every one of the young ladies in our class. She is always there with helpful and encouraging words in difficult times. With Linda Ngo and NLP, I am confident that my child is with a great company that cares and has her best interest at heart and would never allow her to sacrifice her morals or values. We look forward to working with Linda Ngo and Ngo Limit Productions for many years to come and continue to grow emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually within the company, in effort to not just become a model, but a role model for every woman and change the way models are viewed, but how women are viewed.

~Lana H.
(Dallas, TX)

Beth & Mario A.

             Marie used to be very shy and don’t socialize with people. Since she started modeling, her personality has improved a lot. She is no longer hiding in the closet. She walks with confidence and talks to people with confidence. Now, she thinks twice before she makes a decision. She evaluates the situation and handles it more maturely. She is a very smart and kind hearted young lady. She cares about her family and friends. Her friends call her a sweetheart. She tells me how she gets excited about the special projects that Linda is trying to get her involved in. (i.e, providing clothing to the abused women in the shelter, model for a good cause, etc.)

          This class has taught Marie not only to stand tall and be confident, but more importantly she became a very responsible young lady. I am very proud of my Marie and to me she is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL lady, daughter and friend.

          I support what she is doing with NLP 100% and I promise to be there for her.
Thank you Linda for the inspirations and support you continue to give Marie.

Thanks a lot!

Beth and Mario A.

(Grand Prairie, TX)