(Please remember this is ONLY my OPINION and not marked in the book of facts! lol)

Do you remember as a kid, we used to fight about fairness? If we didn't get the same amount of anything and everything that our sibblings or friends got, we would throw a fit and scream, "That's not fair!"

Do you realize that as a young child, we learned a LIFE LESSON? What lesson? We learned that life was NOT fair!!

The funny part is, we as kids, learned that life wasn't fair, we fought or argued, won or lost, but either way, forgave and life moved on. As adults, we EXPECT life to be fair or go our way and when it doesn't, we throw the same tantrum and hold on to that grudge until we die! WOW!!! lol!

Be honest....how many times have you thought that it was unfair how people were just born into money, fame and fortune, yet they abuse it? Then we have our "crooks" who scheme, scam, rob and kill and they also seem to have what they need! Then you look at yourself and feel that you live by the book, treat people with the utmost respect, yet you live paycheck to paycheck. How do you look at that? ( tough question, I know! lol!)

It's kinda crazy, but you almost have to look at it like: Paycheck to Paycheck versus hustle to hustle with every single second of that life paranoid on WHEN they will get busted or killed! ANOTHER WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

I know it's easy to wish you had someone else's life, but what you DON'T realize is that you don't know what they've been through or had to go through or what they are currently going thru to be where they are and to have what they have! On top of that, you might not have been equipped, spiritually, emotionally, or physically to fight the battle that they have fought!

I guess in short, we need to reflect on our "kid" days and remember how to forgive and move on!! I know it's not easy and it won't happen overnight, but you gotta start now!

Know that God has your life planned already and that what's meant to be WILL BE! Be proud of YOUR life and know that you are BLESSED no matter what it looks like RIGHT NOW. Know that your complaints could be someone's wishes. Don't take life for granted! What you are going through will be a waste if you don't realize the purpose or the lesson that you were suppose to receive! Live life to the fullest since it's not promised. Appreciate life, Respect the ones you love, Show the ones you love how much you love them and most of all, thank God for all that you have, both big and small, storms and victories! Live to Love and Love to Live! Live with no regrets and lots of smiles and even MORE LAUGHTER! lol!!

I just wanted to thank YOU for your time and appreciate your friendships!! Take care and be blessed!! Much love and respect to all!! Have a wonderful week ahead and remember that the answers to your prayers, may be looking at you in your face! (SO SMILE!! lol!) Don't let bitterness, envy, jealousy or hatred RAPE you of your future of happiness, love and joy that YOU deserve!

MUAH!!! LOL! :)

~Linda Ngo

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