HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!  Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been soooooo busy!!  I know that's not an excuse, so I will just simply say I'm sorry and I will do better.  LOL!!

I was just recently interviewed by 91.7 KVTT, last week and was giving my testimony and purpose.  I know several of you have visited my page through the conversation I was having with Ms. Gloria.  I was also blessed with some of your emails and I will always stay humble and true through each and every one of you.

Sooooooooo...I titled today's blog, "Be Ready For The Attacks," because I know that when we as Christians and Believers get put in the spotlight that God has for us, we will be attacked.  Some of you may have concerns about some of my pictures, but please don't forget that as God made us, He made us walk, talk, dress, eat, breathe and sleep the way he wanted.  I say this because I do get criticized sometimes on my wardrobe, but please allow me to explain.  There is a difference between classy and trashy and I believe that I am on the classy side.  I don't have cleavage or my bottoms hanging out, but I do wear skirts that appear shorter than they are.  Why is it that if I wear the same skirt with heels, I'm a bad person, but if I wear sneakers or flip flops with that same skirt, I'm normal?  Crazy what a pair of heels can do, lol.  ANYHOW...again, to my point, lol... I just want you guys to know that being a Christian doesn't mean that we have a specific uniform, however, regardless of what a person has on, as long as we are Godly and speak of God, we shouldn't be judged because some of us may be able to bring some of God's children home because of what we have on.  As long as we know our purpose and we are not jeopardizing our morals and ethics, we shouldn't have to prove to other believers that we are just as Christian as they are.  People and mostly other Christians, are real quick to judge, yet they don't see that judging isn't Godly either, so sometimes, ask a person, "WHY" and truly UNDERSTAND their "why's" before you cast judgement.  You never know what or how God wants to use each and every one of us for, but know that we all have a unique way that God has blessed us with to carry out our missions.

So in short, I just wanted you to know, that when God has something planned and our annointing light is shining bright, we have been put through enough trials and tribulations to see and recognize when we are being tested.  So KNOW that you are being attacked and control your thoughts and anger because you know that the only reason the attack is being made is because you are doing God's work and the devil is trying to make you forget who you are!  Keep your head up always, live with a pure heart and KNOW that Christians and Believers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and don't judge by what you see on the surface, because that is still God's work and HIS purpose!!!! Remember that's why we say, " FAITH comes by heareth and not by SIGHT!"

Thank you for all your support and BE BLESSED and THANKFUL regardless of what comes your way!!!

Peace and Love Always ~ Linda Ngo

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